With its long history, many virtues and just its overall popularity, wood is a tough competitor when it comes to fencing. However, these days it has to compete with technologically advanced materials, many of which offer exceptional benefits at a great value. One of these contenders is a petroleum-based product that claims it never fades, rots, or needs replacing, and that is vinyl fencing. So how do wood and vinyl fencing stack up against each other and which one is the right choice for your backyard? Our fencing experts here at Frontier have put together the below comparison to help you decide.


Which material is stronger? Which can withstand turbulent weather and live a longer life? Vinyl wins this match hands down! Vinyl can stand up to harsh weather, pests, decay, and fungus, even without any help from you. Although wood can last around 20 years, it can break down over time causing you to have to repair and replace the fence’s lumber.


Always an important factor to consider when deciding what type of fence works within your budget. Vinyl is more expensive than wood upfront, however, after your initial investment, you won’t have to pay anything. Except in the cases of extreme weather, your vinyl fencing should stay secure and beautiful for years to come without any costly maintenance or repairs. Wood, while cheaper upfront, does require treatments, stains and possibly some replacements throughout its lifespan. When weighing the pros and cons between the two materials you should also consider the size of your project. If your budget is small but your yard is large, you may want to go with a wooden fence.


Would you believe us if we told you that vinyl fencing requires no maintenance whatsoever? Well it’s true! Although you may want to hose it off from time to time to remove built up dirt, the rain will often complete this chore for you. Wood on the other hand requires quite a bit of work if you want it to look clean and presentable. Along with cleaning it periodically, wood fences require to be treated and stained every year for the first three years, and then stained every other year after that.


The eye of the beholder ultimately decides which type of fence looks best. Many people prefer the look of a real wooden fence since it is traditional and offers an all-Canadian appeal with a lot of character. With a flexible appearance, wood can range the spectrum, from a natural sealed wood look to a solid painted look. However, if you want the white picket fence feel or a ranch type of fence, vinyl is the way to go.

And the winner is…

With its lengthy life, lack of maintenance, formidable strength, and beautifully versatile appearance, vinyl is definitely a top pick when it comes to choosing the best material for your fence. However, if that classical wooden fence is calling your name, then you’re in luck because our experienced fence professionals at Frontier can install either of these types of fences as well as iron, chain link and even glass panel fences! From simple to complex and heavy-duty fences, Frontier Decks and Fences offer a variety of designs and materials that will enhance your property and its surroundings. Contact us today to receive your FREE quote and begin creating your dream backyard.