Offering a wide range of aluminum soffit and fascia installation

With a well-designed eavestrough that won’t let water back up on you or your yard, your home will be a safe space for family and friends to spend time in. At Frontier decking, we offer full eavestrough installation, repair and replacement services. Our team of professional installers will work hard to keep your home looking great at all times.

Aluminum Eavestrough

Affordable, durable, long-lasting and easy to assemble and attached to your home. Our aluminum eavestroughs can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Additionally, they prevent leaking and if made seamless, can protect your home from water damage. Enjoy fewer clogs, leaks and damage with our customizable aluminum eavestroughs.

Aluminum Soffit

Aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits of aluminum soffit go far beyond that. Aluminum is the best option for soffits because it can be easily adjusted to fit in tight spaces, which in turn makes it harder for animals to get into your attic. It also keeps your home more comfortable and energy efficient year-round, providing maximum ventilation and reducing energy consumption.

Aluminum Fascia

Customizable ability to match the colour of your home, aluminum fascia has many benefits. Much like the soffit, aluminum fascia is both water and fireproof. It will deter pests from entering your home and requires little to no maintenance. It is durable in the worst weather conditions as well as being cost effective. Reduce your home’s carbon footprint with Frontier Decking’s aluminum fascias.

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