Maybe it’s that beautiful sun peaking out, or the arrival of double digit temperatures that has brought an alluring backyard oasis to mind. Your dream deck is the show stopper in achieving this perfect summer oasis— and it’s totally within reach.

Here are 5 secrets to not breaking the bank, while still getting that dream deck:

1. Start from the ground up

Literally. Take a look at the materials used to build your new masterpiece and see if there’s a more cost effective replacement. If you’ve dreamed up a plan that requires stunning red cedar, decrease the deck size in order to save in material costs.

If your fantasy backyard demands a larger deck, check out pressure treated lumber. It’s still the most popular wood used for decking today, and there’s a good reason for that. The price is right and the treatment used on the wood ensures durability. Opt to dress it up with a glass or iron railing from Frontier and you can still achieve the look you want with a cheaper bill.

More affordable materials will not make or break a magazine worthy deck, so do your research!

2. Redesign with functionality in mind

We really want to drive this point home. Smaller deck, smaller bill. So maximize space by getting in touch with your exterior designer side! By creating designated spaces for eating, lounging and entertaining and dressing them up with decor, you can create the illusion of a much larger space.

3. The early bird gets the deck!

Like any industry, decking has a high season and a low season. By designing and building a deck with Frontier during a shoulder season, the price can be lower than if you wanted to build in the summer, when there’s a surge of demand. Think of that first beautiful hot summer weekend, everyone is reminded of backyard barbecues and they’ll do anything to get it! For a price.

Go into early spring with a plan and keep a bit of extra coin in your pocket.

4. Save money by increasing property value

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, don’t hesitate to use upgraded materials or add-ons in your designs. A new deck will increase the value of your home and put some money back in your pocket when it’s time to sell. A beautiful deck is considered an extension of living space within a home, and therefore will bring in more money on that house sale!

Enjoy your backyard sanctuary for now, and then lure potential buyers in with its beauty— and reap the cash back!

5. Hire a Professional

Save yourself time, frustration and money and opt for a professional to get the job done. Using an experienced deck builder like Frontier will save you money in the long run with durability and precision that you just don’t get when you DIY a project this big.

Don’t get us wrong, DIY can be a great idea (sometimes), but when it comes to decks, Frontier knows what they’re doing. Invest the money into your dream deck to ensure every detail is flawlessly crafted by the masters. We will sit with you and offer up designs to ensure your dream aligns with your realistic budget.

So go ahead and fire up that Pinterest board! Take a look at our gallery and start to dream up exactly how you want your future backyard haven. Once you know, one call to Frontier and you’ll be spending that first summer weekend on your new deck.